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Every Tuesday!

9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Conference Room B

St. Andrew's Health Center

On Friday, December 19th, St. Andrew's Health Center held it's Annual Swing Bed Christmas Party! There was plenty of food, good company, gift giving,, and entertainment...including the 4th grade Central School Choir! AND, a special guest............SANTA! 




On Friday, December 12, SAHC held their annual Christmas and Service Awards party! Congratulations to the following employees for their continued hard work and dedication to St. Andrew's Health Center! Alison Glinz: 5 years; Linda Holisky: 5 years; Mindy Campbell: 10 years; Deb Hanson: 10 years; Val McLaughlin: 10 years; Darlene Monson: 10 years; Brenda McIntyre: 15 years; Darci Monson: 15 years; Sandy Sivertson: 15 years; and Jenifer Lauckner: 20 years. That's 115 years of commitment, respect, trust,and team work: the Mission of SAHC! Pictured from left to right: Brenda McIntyre, Darlene Monson, Mindy Campbell, Val McLaughlin,and Jenifer Laukner.


Pictures from FNP Susan Stabo's Welcoming Picnic:  August 11, 2014!




















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