COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Information

Testing Procedures

Additional test kits for Covid-19 have been received at St. Andrew’s Health Center.

We will be conducting tests in accordance to the current North Dakota Department of Health (NDDOH) guidelines.

St. Andrew’s Health Center providers will be screening and may test patients with the following symptoms;

FEVER OR 2 of the following sign/symptoms of respiratory illness with new or worsening onset:

*Shortness of Breath
*Sore Throat

We have a “Respiratory Clinic” in place for such testing, which is available 7 DAYS A WEEK 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

PRIOR to proceeding to our facility, please call:
228-9400 Monday – Friday
228-9300 Saturday and Sunday

Per NDDOH guidelines, they will only process tests from people with symptoms.

***NDDOH testing protocols are subject to change on short notice. Please call St. Andrew’s if you have any symptoms.***

Isolation Precautions

Informational Links

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St. Andrew’s Health Center COVID-19 Announcements

St. Andrew’s Health Center continues to diligently monitor the ever-changing rules, regulations and guidelines regarding COVID-19. 

We have designated a Respiratory Clinic for those in need of COVID-19 screening or care for respiratory symptoms.  If you are in need of a screening for Covid-19, please call the clinic or hospital PRIOR to presenting to either facility at 228-9300 (Hospital) or 228-9400 (Clinic).  We follow the prescribed guidelines from the North Dakota Department of Health in regards to who receives a COVID-19 test.  The Clinic continues to provide care to the community for non-infectious patients needing non emergent medical attention.  Please know that routine visits will be canceled until further notice to help serve the community and follow guidelines.  

If you are in need of a medication refill, please call your pharmacy.

To continue our top quality patient care, we have enacted respiratory precautions within the hospital for our patients.  We have a designated respiratory wing in our hospital, which is separate from our swing-bed patients.  SAHC is dedicated to patient care and is adapting quickly to our changing needs.

If you have an emergency situation, our EMERGENCY ROOM is always available to care for your acute needs. 

Please follow CDC and NDDOH guidelines and help do your part for slowing the spread of COVID-19. 

Thank you all.

Community Resources for People in Isolation

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For anyone who has used our services here at SAHC and may be concerned regarding their bills, we do have a Caring Program to help with instances such as these.

Certain qualifications do need to be met for this service.

If you’d like more information regarding this program, please call Ashley at 228-9385 for more information.

SAHC is here for you.

March 30th, 2020

The reality of the coronavirus has sunk in to all corners of the country, if not the entire world. The spread of the virus, along with the increased availability of testing and other factors, contributes to the availability of more accurate data and higher numbers. We are at a point in time where we are dealing with a great deal of apprehension about the disease notwithstanding all of the safeguards against it.

If we want to glean a positive aspect out of all this, it appears to me that everyone is taking this disease a lot more seriously than just a week ago. Reality has finally set in. Social distancing is being practiced. People are staying home voluntarily where it is not mandated. Our compliance with the safeguards will go a long way toward slowing and eventually defeating this pandemic.
The healthcare ministries of SMP Health System are doing their part to protect the overall health of the communities where they are located by the various restrictions on visitation and other safeguards that they have implemented and information they have disseminated. They are following the current regulations and guidance from state and federal sources in order to maintain the safety of our patients, residents, and employees inside each facility.

Notwithstanding all of the safeguards, there is still an underlying apprehension or even fear, both inside and outside of our facilities. I would like to acknowledge our front-line employees who have been steadfast in their commitment to the patients and residents in their care. They are unsung heroes who demonstrate their love and concern for their neighbors and communities by showing up for work in the face of their own apprehensions, who strive to maintain a positive attitude and give their best efforts under difficult circumstances.
Sometimes heroism is a matter of just showing up.

Aaron K. Alton